Green Cairo Cow Milk Soap 2 Pack | Pure Natural Premium Bath Soap | Handmade 100% Herbal with no animals fats and no harmful chemicals

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  • Natural, Gentle Cleanser: Unlike commercially soaps that contain harsh chemicals, Pure Cow Milk Soap maintains your skin’s natural moisture and doesn’t remove the natural oils in the skin barrier.
  • Improves Dry Skin : Dry skin condition, also known as xerosis, is caused by low water levels in the skin. To improve dry skin, the lipid barrier must be restored and rehydrated.
  • Natural Exfoliant : Cow Milk Soap contains healing compounds that remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin.
  • Supports a healthy skin microbiome : Cow Milk Soap supports a healthy skin microbiome — the collection of healthy bacteria on your skin’s surface.
  • Prevent Acne: Due to its gentle dirt-removing properties and lactic acid content, Cow Milk Soap improves skin’s barrier against pathogens preventing skin disorders like acne.


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