Fur Ball Story Tick Free Repelling Ayurvedic Spray For Dogs and Cats 100ml


  • Tick free spray provides with the benefit of eliminating ticks and flees from the coats of pets
  • The unique delivery of the spray tip ensures equal and optimum distribution of the spray on the surface.
  • Active ingredients in the form of natural oils and extracts of Lemongrass, Basil, Eucalyptus, Licorice, help in eliminating pests without causing any harm on the coat.
  • Tick free spray comes with an all-natural aroma which is fresh and pleasing
  • It is free from sulfate and harmful chemicals and is suitable for daily use or in between the bath sessions to maintain hygiene levels effectively. Since it even eliminates the eggs of the pests, the spray can work on breaking the cycle of growth of ticks, fleas and lice on your pet’s coat

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